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"You cannot find peace by avoiding life."

              - Virginia Woolf


About Me

I help adults who feel overwhelmed and unable to live life fully due to anxiety, fear, worry, and depression. My specialty is the treatment of anxiety disorders, adjustment disorder, and interpersonal/relational issues in quarter-life adults (ages 18 - early 40s).


Specifically, I treat generalized anxiety, social anxiety, complex/relational trauma, and anxiety caused by circumstances such as acute or chronic illness, life transition, loss, relationship difficulties, and social isolation. I help clients understand the ways that anxiety limits their lives. Since chronic anxiety often leads to depressive symptoms, I treat that as well.

In a supportive therapeutic setting, I help people safely process emotions and experiences and learn practical, strengths-based coping strategies and techniques for symptom management /reduction. I use evidence-based therapies to assist in identifying self-limiting core beliefs and behavioral patterns that keep them feeling stuck, frustrated, and unsettled.

Throughout my 20+ years of clinical experience, I have become especially adept at working with:

1) college, graduate school, law school, and medical school students 

2) recent graduates and young professionals 

3) adults with medical diagnoses

4) healthcare providers

5) educators

6) women with midlife challenges.


Specializing in Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, and Adjustment Disorder

Generalized Anxiety & Social Anxiety
Trauma and Complex Trauma
Adjustment Disorder
Medical Phobias
Acute and Chronic Illnesses
Healthcare Provider Stress and Anxiety
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